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January’12 overview

The first month of the new year is nearly over. Time for reflection: what have i achieved? what risks have i taken? what have i learned? goals for february.

Overall january hasnt been a let down, Bruges was beautiful, although not the holiday i expected it was a nice break, and gave me time to reflect on my life, and love.

I have taken part in a radio interview for nottingham trent uni on eating disorders, and been interviewed for a article for Plymouth uni aswell. I was nervous about these, as sharing my experience is always a very trying experience, but every little helps to spread awareness and help sufferers.

My highlight has been going to a march in london about body anxiety,and being photographed by plackards saying things like ‘bin the bmi’ and ‘love your body’ for the Guadian newspaper. 

We then went to the houses of parliment to listen to the health enquirary. The heads of weight watchers and slimming world have no idea about what REAL woman think of their bodies! I was shocked at their ignorance, but impressed at the interest of the MPs questioning them. There is hope out there against the diet industry.

For febuary i shall have my first psycology exam result, so fingers crossed for that, valentines is comming up (what to get him!!!), and eating disorders awareness week. It should be a good, busy month!

stay strong


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